Tribit Quietplus vs Tribit Quietplus 72 Headphones

Tribit Quietplus vs Tribit Quietplus 72 Headphones
Tribit Quietplus vs Tribit Quietplus 72 Headphones

Nowadays, wireless headphones have become a necessary part of many individuals’ day-to-day lives. Individuals use noise cancelling headphones to tune into their favorite audio content without disturbing others. There are numerous choices in the marketplace, so it can be tough to select the perfect one. Sony and Bose have been making high-quality most bluetooth headphones, but their cost is up to $200 or $300 which is too expensive. 

When it comes to headsets, everyone has different requirements. Some people want something to block out everything else so they can concentrate on work or music, while other people just want something that sounds nice and is comfortable to wear, and of course, cost is always a factor. So what does the Tribit Quiet Plus headset offer? Great sound quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) for an attractive price. They feature 40mm drivers and use ANC technology to reduce up to 30dB of ambient noise. How do they compare to the competition? In this article, we’ll pit the Tribit QuietPlus ANC against the Tribit QuietPlus 72 to see which one comes out on top.

Tribit QuietPlus ANC headphones.

Tribit QuietPlus ANC are a great choice for those who are looking for quality sound without all the bells and whistles. The headphones have a sleek design and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The sound quality is excellent, with clear highs and lows, and the noise cancellation feature is very effective at blocking out external noise. The battery life is also impressive, with up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge. Overall, the Tribit QuietPlus ANC headphones are an excellent option for anyone seeking a quality pair of headphones without all the extras. on quality pair of wireless headphones for audio experience.

Tribit QuietPlus 72 ANC wireless headphones.

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that will cancel out noise but won’t break the bank, the Tribit QuietPlus 72 may be a good option for you. These over-ear headphones feature Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, which uses microphones to identify and reduce low-frequency ambient sound for effective noise cancellation with excellent clarity like more expensive headphones out there.

Tribit QuietPlus 72 Bluetooth headphones also have comfortable ear cups and a padded headband, making them ideal for long music listening sessions. In terms of audio quality, the QuietPlus 72s have clear highs and well-balanced mids, and lower volumes. They also provide a good amount of deep Bass Boost, which can be turned on or off depending on your preference. Overall, the Tribit QuietPlus 72s are a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable pair of ANC headphones that work fine for your requirements.

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The Tribit QuietPlus is slightly heavier than the Tribit QuietPlus 72, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. The extra weight gives the headphones a more solid feel, which may be worth it for some people. The ear cups on the Tribit QuietPlus are larger, making them more comfortable for people with larger ears. But the one that has a small ear, Tribit QuietPlus 72 may be a better option.

Sound quality

If you’re looking for headphones that will completely immerse you in your music, then the Tribit QuietPlus ANC and Tribit QuietPlus 72 are perfect for you. Both headphones have excellent sound quality, so you can enjoy your music. However, there are some key differences between the two models like most headphones.

The Tribit QuietPlus ANC offers a more powerful bass, making it ideal for people who are seeking to listen to the sort of music that emphasizes bass. The Tribit QuietPlus 72, on the other hand, has slightly less bass but makes up for it with clear highs and mids frequencies. If, therefore, you’re in search of headphones that will create a superb listening experience, any of these models from Tribit Quietplus ANcwould be worth it for you.

There is an additional difference in the audio quality between the two models of headphones and that is their Active noise cancelation. The Tribit QuietPlus ANC headphones have better active noise cancelation than the Tribit QuietPlus 72 headphones. This means that the model will block out more unwanted background noise from your noisy environments so you can better enjoy your music with right ear cup.


When it comes to finding the perfect headphones fold, there are a lot of factors to consider. But one of the most important things is how easy they are to transport. After all, you’re going to want to be able to take your headphones with you wherever you go. And that’s where the Tribit QuietPlus and Tribit QuietPlus 72 come in. These headphones both fold up into a small, compact size that makes them easy to slip into your bag or pocket.

But which one is right for you? The QuietPlus ANC are the more premium option, with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Hi-Fi sound sound signature. They’re also a bit more expensive, retailing for around 90$. The QuietPlus 72 Bluetooth headphones, on the other hand, don’t have too good ANC but still offer excellent sound signature at a more affordable price point of $80.

Form Factor

Tribit’s QuietPlus headphones come with both over-ear and on-ear models. The ear cups on the over-ear model are larger and more comfortable for most people. On-ear headphones are much more effective in noise isolation as compared to on ear headphones. If you’re looking for headphones to use in a noisy environment, the on-ear model may be a better choice. Both models have adjustable headbands, but the over-ear model has a more comfortable and stable fit.

The sound signature of the QuietPlus headphones is good for both models, but the over-ear model has slightly better bass response and noise isolation. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to use while working or studying in a quiet environment, the over-ear model is a better choice. However, if you need a pair of headphones that you can easily carry with you on the go, the on-ear model is more convenient.

Both of these wireless active noise cancellation headset comes with 3.5mm audio jack support and you ever accidently run out of battery life you can still use them with there wired mode both of these headset also uses micro usb c charging cable to provide fast charging support to your noise cancelling headphones for great value.

Battery Life

The Tribit QuietPlus 72 is the better choice for headphones with a longer battery life than the Tribit QuietPlus ANC, As QuietPlus only offers up to 20 hours and, the Tribit QuietPlus 72 offers 25 hours and with its fast charging, with a 10-minute charge providing up to 4 hours of listening time, while the QuietPlus only provides 2 hours of listening time with a 10-minute charge. Both have rechargeable battery attributes but don’t have removable battery features. and features usb c cable fast charging support for your headphone battery.


One of the most important factors, when it comes to choosing a headphone, is connectivity. Both the Tribit over-the-ear headphones QuietPlus and the Tribit QuietPlus 72 offer wireless Bluetooth pairing, making them both convenient choices among headphones. So, the Tribit QuietPlus and the Tribit QuietPlus 72 headphones are both great options for you, but which one is right for you? 

If you’re looking for headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 APTx support, the Tribit QuietPlus is a great option. However, if you don’t need that feature, the Tribit QuietPlus 72 is a perfectly adequate alternative. Both models are very comfortable to wear and have good audio listening experience, but the QuietPlus 72 is a bit cheaper.

Price Comparison

Budget-friendly headphones are worth it for everyone. So we compare the two headphones by price value with their advanced features which you must consider before making a purchase. There is no difference in the price of these Bluetooth headphones and amazingly both of these headsets cost about the same price zone and provide clear competition. and there is a clear tie in the battle of inexpensive models for the quality which they provide with anc function in this wireless headphone.


When it comes to choosing between headphones, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, both the Tribit QuietPlus ANC and the Tribit QuietPlus 72 offer great sound signature and comfort at an affordable price. If you’re looking for headphones that will help you block out ambient noise, the Tribit QuietPlus 72 are the better option. However, if you’re looking for something a little lighter and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, the Tribit QuietPlus is a great choice. we need to say that both of these Tribit headphones are a great investment for your money. 


Should I buy Tribit XFree Go?

These headphones really are absolutely fine, but for the amount of money, there are others that are significantly better. The main advantage of these headphones is their battery life. Tribit says the batteries on its headphones can last up to 24 hours and have to charge for just 10 minutes to have 4 hours of playback.

Do Tribit headphones have mic?

Tribit wireless headphones are designed specifically for the demands of people who love music and fitness. They feature an ergonomic fit, premium eound signature, and a comfortable design that keeps them secure during exercise. These wireless earbuds also include a microphone so you can make calls without taking off the headphones.

How long does Tribit QuietPlus 72 battery last?

Tribit QuietPlus 72 offers about 25 to 30 hours of playtime on a single charge these tribit headphones are great for earcup size and your ear can easily rest in this headset without too much pressure.

How long does Tribit QuietPlus ANC battery last?

Tribit Quiet plus hybrid active noise reduction headphone offer about 20 hours of playtime on a single charge with anc switch on.