How to Use Multiple Headsets on PlayStation? (ps4 and ps5)

 Multiple Headsets on PlayStation? (ps4 and ps5)
Multiple Headsets on PlayStation? (ps4 and ps5)

Do you want to use multiple headsets on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of using multiple headsets on both consoles. including both PlayStation ps4 and ps5. As there is nothing that good about playing your favorite games with your friend and family member.

Well, I am sure you have had this issue before. Your friend wants to play but can’t because he/she doesn’t know-how how to connect the second headset to ps5 or ps4 It took me some time as well until someone told him about our amazing solution!

Yes! You can connect two headphones on Playstation. The best way I found was by using a 3.5mm audio cable (splitter). it just requires connecting one end of your controller and two different sets of earphones or headphones.

What are the benefits of using multiple headsets on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles?

There are several benefits to using multiple headsets on PlayStation ps5 and ps4.

First, it allows for more flexibility in terms of audio. If you have two or more people playing together, each person can use their own headset and hear the game audio through their own headphones. This can be especially helpful if one person is trying to concentrate on the game and the other person is trying to talk or listen to music through their headphones.

Second, using two headphones can also help reduce outside noise distractions. If you’re trying to concentrate on the game and someone else in the room is watching television or talking on the phone, having your own headset can help block out that noise.

How to connect multiple headsets on PS4/ps5 at the same time

Here are some basic steps which you need to follow to start using two headphone on your ps4/ps5.

  • First, you need to connect the headsets to a 3.5mm headphone splitter and connect it with your dualshock controller.
  • Next, connect the two headsets in order for them both to be able to use their own user accounts on PS4/ps5.
  • To make an account press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller now you have successfully made a second account on your ps4/ps5.
  • make sure that when pairing one of these new devices (second headset) they are connected through their own independent input source.
  • To connect this second device go to settings>Devices select input-output devices and select your Second headset whichever do you want to connect to your ps4/ps5.

This is how you can easily connect two wired headsets on ps4 and ps5, along with if you have a Bluetooth headset. you can easily follow these steps as mentioned above to connect a Bluetooth headset to your ps console.

What are the best multiplayer games to play with two headphones?

here is a list of some best that you can enjoy playing with multiple headsets on your PlayStation 4 and playstation5 consoles.

These are some of the best games that you can play with multiple headsets and have an amazing experience. You can also add more fun to these games by playing with friends or family members. So, go ahead and enjoy these games with two headphones and have a blast!

How to connect two wireless headsets on PS5

Connecting two wireless headsets on the PS5 is similar to how it works with PlayStation 4. The interface of each game will have a little difference though, so be aware! And during my time experimenting, I found out that Sony’s Pulse 3D wireless Bluetooth headphones and Platinum WIreless headphones are natively compatible for use without any external USB port or Bluetooth adaptors.

which means you can connect them easily right off the bat when getting started playing games online together as friends in VR Chat within seconds

however, if you have multiple old wired headsets USB headset or any third-party headphones here is a method to connect them with your PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 console.

Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your PS5 and pair it with a compatible headset. In order for your microphone input/output setting default to be changed over from USB headphones, go into settings>sound menu by pressing the Options circle button located at the bottom left corner of the screen then choose the “Microphone” option.

Select the desired sound and add them to a list from the options provided. Next, choose which types of output devices should receive sound waves sent through this channel – whether you want to utilize both channels equally (for example if one has tone capability but the other does not).

If you want to use more than one Bluetooth headphone at a time, make sure your Bluetooth adapter supports it and find the right AudioStick 5.0 Wireless Audio transmitter for each phone/headset which offers high-quality sound while eliminating tangles risk thanks to their innovative design!

The PlayStation 4 and 5 have been around for a while now, but if you’re looking to use more than one headset at once then this article has all the info. You can find out how many different audio devices will work with your gaming experience by visiting their official website!