How To Use Alexa As A Computer Speaker: The Ultimate Guide

How To Use Alexa As A Computer Speaker.
How To Use Alexa As A Computer Speaker.

With the release of Amazon’s Echo, we can now make Alexa our personal assistant. Although it is often used as a voice-controlled music player, people are finding new and creative ways to integrate Alexa into their daily lives. One such way that many people have found to be useful is using her as a computer speaker. Computers are no longer just for work. They’re for entertainment, communication, and running your life. 

This blog post will guide you on how to connect your iPhone or laptop with Echo and use it as a speaker for streaming audio from your phone. You can use it to answer questions, get the news, and even order a pizza – all without moving from your desk. But there’s one problem: they’re bulky and awkward.

Luckily, Alexa is here to help! She’s small enough to fit on your desk or dresser so you can enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other forms of entertainment hands-free – with just voice assistance. Here’s how to set her up as the perfect computer speaker.

What is Alexa?

So what is Alexa? Well, the company says it’s a “pioneer in voice technologies.” Basically, Alexa is a virtual assistant that you can interact with using your voice. She’s designed to help you save time and have more fun.

Alexa provides information, answers questions, plays music, reads audiobooks and news reports, gives directions and weather forecasts, controls your smart home devices like lights and thermostats, and more. She’s also compatible with third-party skills that can be enabled by saying “a-skills”. For example: if you want to order a pizza by voice without leaving your desk chair, just ask Alexa from the Alexa app or Alexa enabled device to order your favorite pie from Dominoes!

How to set up Alexa as a computer speaker

Alexa is a great option for anyone looking for a computer speaker. She’s the perfect size to fit on any desk, and she’s always ready with a song or podcast when you need one. Setting her up is simple, too. All you have to do is to plug in the Echo Dot and download the Alexa App to your phone or tablet – then connect it all to your computer via Bluetooth devices.

Once you’ve set up this system, you’ll be able to play music from any app on your phone through Alexa’s speakers. You can also ask Alexa questions, get news updates, or order a pizza right from your desk! with Alexa voice commands.

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How does Alexa work?

Whether you have an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Echo Dot, Alexa is always listening to your commands. It’s a cloud-based software program that acts as a voice-controlled virtual personal assistant. In a nutshell, you use your voice to ask Alexa a question in order to receive an answer. to learn more about it you can click here.

Why should you use Alexa as a computer speaker instead of a traditional computer speaker? 

There are many reasons you might want to use Alexa, but one of the most important is that she’s portable. You can put her anywhere in your office or bedroom, while a traditional computer speaker is stuck at your desk. If you’re on your laptop all day or if you have an office with limited space, an Alexa speaker is the way to go.

Another huge advantage of using the Echo Dot as a computer speaker is that it doesn’t require any additional cables. It’s easy to set up and start streaming music within seconds. If you’re sick of searching for new speakers and dealing with tangled cords, then Alexa’s for you!

How to Wake up your PC with Alexa?

With an Alexa-enabled speaker connected to your laptop, you can use a lot of neat voice commands. Among them, I like the voice command to wake up my laptop after I’ve put it in hibernating or sleep mode. It’s practical and can be set up very easily. Here’s how you can get this feature on your PC.

  • Change your computer name to something really simple like “computer”.
  • Now go on PC’s web browser and Log in to your Alexa account then go to Alexa settings.
  • GO to Select Skills from the start menu sections on the left-hand side and search for “wol”. Then select the Wake on Lan(WoL) skill from the search result and select settings.
  • To enable the skill, go to the link and sign in with your Amazon account. Once you have done this you will be able to use the new skill.
  • Then you need to enter your computer’s name and MAC address and hit Add.
  • If you don’t know your MAC address, then open a command prompt and enter ipconfig /all. It’s the physical address.
  • Next time, you can say “Alexa, Turn on Computer” to wake up your computer from sleep or hibernation. 

 How to use Alexa Echo Devices with the AUX input

How to use Alexa Echo Devices with the AUX input

While the headphone jack has been removed from most devices, sill most computers have them. That’s why connecting speakers to my computer has always been as easy as plugging in the AUX cable and enjoying the music with simple plug and play without any worry of Bluetooth wireless technology to connect your Bluetooth speaker to other Bluetooth devices.

if you are using some version of Amazon echo speakers then you are out of luck my friend here is the list of all the supported new devices from amazon echo devices that you can connect to your PC with the help of an AUX cable. You can control your Amazon Echo device as a computer speaker by connecting it to your computer with an AUX cable. After that, you need to set it up as Line-In in the Amazon Alexa app.

  • Make sure the Echo device is set up in the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Make sure the speaker is powered and plug it into your computer with an AUX cable.
  • Open the Alexa app, and then tap on the three-dot icon at the top left corner Alexa account.
  • Choose Settings, then Device Settings, and then select your Echo speaker from the list. Scroll down to the General section, and select AUX Audio.


Alexa is a voice-activated virtual assistant with natural language processing it can be used to better control your personal assistants like the Alexa device and different aspects of your home. You can also use Alexa to play music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Alexa’s skills, which are called “skills,” and you can easily connect it to your Windows PC, Apple devices by simply going to pair a new device setting and simply selecting all Bluetooth enabled Alexa devices, echo dot and simply pick the one one which you desire to connect to your windows PC audio output device.