How to record audio with your Bluetooth headset: Complete guide

How to record audio with your Bluetooth headset a how-to guide
How to record audio with your Bluetooth headset

If you’re an audio professional, musician, or just someone who likes to keep in touch with friends and family by talking on the phone or phone calls- then you’ll want to know how to record audio with your Bluetooth headset through a voice recorder is a how-to guide. This article will let you know everything you need to know about recording audio wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

Once you’ve recorded audio with your Bluetooth headset, it’s easy to edit and upload it onto several platforms. Some familiar places where people like to upload their audio include SoundCloud, YouTube & Podomatic.

This article will teach you how to Record audio on Android: Requirements and Settings and many other things. 

Find the Bluetooth headset you want to use.

 There are a lot of Bluetooth headsets out there that do audio recording. You can look for something with good battery life, audio quality, and range because you don’t want to have this thing in your ear when it runs out of juice or has audio issues. Asking friends who own Bluetooth headsets what they use is another great way to find out what you want to use.

You can also try these Bluetooth devices for audio recording.

Connect your Bluetooth headphones to your phone

 Connect your Bluetooth headphones to your phone, and follow these steps. First, turn on the Bluetooth feature of your smartphone by going into settings and selecting “Bluetooth.” Once you have done this, you have enabled Bluetooth recording and now navigate back to where you are in one single tap on the sound icon so that audio isn’t being played over the excellent system instead. Next, press down firmly on the device you want to connect and put it in pairing mode. Now you have successfully connected your audio device!

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How to record with a Bluetooth headset on PC

Some people are not able to use their Bluetooth headphones and mic at the same time. Fortunately, there is a quick fix for this problem! All you need on Windows 10 is to find your microphone in Settings > Devices > Microphone and make sure it’s set as the default device type so that next time when pairing your new devices with windows, they will pick up right away without having any issues or delays like before

On a few occasions, I’ve been working late at night and want some background noise to keep me company while writing diary entries. Instead of turning off all distractions by closing doors/windows etc., which would have made my writing process considerably more difficult

A Quick Tip:

As an alternative solution during those busy hours, the easiest way to get audio recording is to open up an audio editor or any music software you have and play your favorite song. Then click the record button on that audio app, and voila! You’ll be able to use this alternative method instead of a Bluetooth headset.

For advanced users.

1. To set the output tone of voice to professional, first connect your Bluetooth Headphone and open Run by going into “start” then searching for it or pressing Windows + R together (WIN+R). 

image |

2) Once in run type control mmsys. CPL sounds without quotes & press enter until you are returned here; alternatively, go taskbar, where there should already be an icon labelled Sound Settings

3) You may be using Windows 10 or 11, but if you prefer to use a Mac computer and don’t see the Recording tab in your recording window, then try typing “run” into the Spotlight search bar. 

4) Then, a new window will pop up with options based on how many other connected devices can record audio from this machine! You should find what settings work best for your needs from there 

image 2 |

 5) make sure Audio Device is selected and Default Record-Setting (the name of my Bluetooth Headset was shown there). This setting makes it so whenever I open up any program, the sound would automatically come out without clicking anything.

This is how you can enable Bluetooth recording from a windows pc.

how to record audio using Bluetooth headset on MAC.

how to record audio using Bluetooth headset on MAC.
Bluetooth headset on MAC.

To record audio using a Bluetooth headset or microphone using MAC, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, you need to connect the Bluetooth headset or your MAC.
  • Now, open the sound recorder application on your Mac.
  • Click on the file menu and click new recording; ensure the mic is selected as a default input device in system preference. By clicking on the voice tab, you can have this done.
  • Now click okay.
  • Your microphone connected through a Bluetooth headset should be appearing on the recording window.
  • Now, click on the stop button. You can hear yourself if your headphone or Bluetooth headset is connected correctly.

how to record audio using a Bluetooth headset on Android Device

Here I will guide you on how to do Bluetooth voice recording on the android system.

Most Android devices have Bluetooth functionality to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It uses the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) or Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) to transmit high-quality audio wirelessly over short distances.

This functionality allows you to connect your smartphone with compatible Bluetooth devices for recording audio, usually a headset or headphones. What we use are mono devices which means they can only play one audio stream at a time.

The good thing about modern Bluetooth-enabled smartphones is that you can use them to record audio from external sources. I used this method for recording lectures and while playing PC games without carrying a separate microphone.

1. To begin recording, you will first have to pair your Bluetooth headset with the phone, enable on for compatibility in cases of any high-end devices like Oneplus Buds or Relame buds air 2; if they automatically connect without pairing, it’s a good sign but make sure not to miss anything so start by checking that everything is working correctly before trying again later!

2 . Once paired, go into settings and activate recording software you want to use (like parrot voice recorder app it is a free app), then launch the app where all audio can be saved as well*If needed, there are some helpful tips below about how best to achieve these steps from different angles depending on what kind of issue arises.

3. Next step is to activate the Bluetooth headset by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds. There are different manufacturers of headsets, but usually, they will have an option to show you which one is active or not; if that doesn’t work, then try again after updating software on your phone/PC

4 . Now that everything is plugged in and ready to go, set the recording software of your choice (I like to use the default app for recording) to the only record from the input device because if you’re using it just for game commentary, then you can use any video recording software for that purpose.

5 . Every time you want to start or stop recording, press the on/off button on your Bluetooth headset, and done! This is not something that I came up with on my own, but I couldn’t find anything on the internet, so I thought it would be helpful for others.

You can adjust this process to fit your needs. If you are using Skype or Discord, make sure that they are not in the background while you are streaming, keep in mind that most apps will need an internet connection for everything to work.

how to record audio using a Bluetooth headset on IOS.

You need to use an app called “Bluetooth audio record” to enable this function. It’s available on Cydia for free, and it’s straightforward to use.

1) Open Cydia, type the Bluetooth voice recorder app in the search bar and then install it.

2) After installation goes into your settings > general > Bluetooth > click on your Bluetooth headset, scroll down to “recorded audio,” and set it to on.

3) Open up the Bluetooth voice recorder app; you should see a blue color play button in the middle of the screen. Click on it to enable recording from your headset. You will also see a timer behind the blue play button means this app is recording your voice from the headset. Now you have successfully used a Bluetooth headset to record audio with an app on your IOS device.

Listen back and make adjustments as needed! 

Listen to the audio you have recorded through the voice recorder app in your recording software and check that the levels are okay. Please make sure the audio is loud enough to be picked up by the microphone but is not too loud, so it makes a popping sound in your files. If you have an overly strong signal, consider using a noise gate plugin on your track or lowering the mic volume from your headphone mix in your voice recorder.

You can also check that the audio is appropriately recorded by looking at your peak meter or input levels. If it’s not peaking, you should record again with the microphone volume up.

If you have too much background noise in your recording, consider using a denoiser plugin on your track to remove this from the original file before doing anything.

Frequent Bluetooth disconnection.

Most users have had the difficulty of losing voice from their Bluetooth headset, which is very annoying. Some headsets are more prone to this problem than others. The moral of the story here is that you have two options for using your Bluetooth devices with Viber. You can either use your earphones, or you can use your Bluetooth headset.

If you don’t want to change Viber’s settings, the only solution is to use your earphones, and automatically disable the Bluetooth on your device. If you are okay with making some changes in Viber’s settings, then you can follow these steps below –

Step 1: Open Viber’s Settings.

Step 2: Click on “Audio” followed by the “Bluetooth headset” option.

Step 3: Turn off your Bluetooth headset. Please wait for a few moments before you turn it back on again because doing so will save the battery life of your Bluetooth device. Once you’ve turned it on, you should be able to use your Bluetooth headset without any interruptions.

Step 4: Follow the same steps mentioned above if your Bluetooth keeps disconnecting even after trying out all the available options in Viber’s settings. This time around, though, make sure that you turn off the Bluetooth every time it gets disconnected. Once you turn it on, you should be able to use your Bluetooth headset without any interruptions.

Step 5: If you don’t want your battery life to run out fast by keeping the Bluetooth device turned off all the time, then look for an option in Viber’s settings that lets you switch between audio/voice call mode. It will be good to check if this option is available for your device to save battery life.

Step 6: Last but not least, try out another Bluetooth headset if the problem lies with your headset. Some Bluetooth headsets are more prone to frequent disconnections than others, so you must try using another Bluetooth device.

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Alternatively, you can try the workaround mentioned above on #2. For this to work Bluetooth headset, make sure your headphones (that are plugged in) don’t have any mic, or else Viber won’t be able to pick up your voice. But this isn’t a solution.


Many people find recording audio with a Bluetooth headset challenging, but it will become easier if you follow our guide today! It would help if you also tried unpairing your device and removing any obstacles between the mic. The last resort in fixing problems like these is constantly getting new headphones or talking directly into the phone while listening through them for feedback on what sounds good from someone else’s perspective- hope this helps fix whatever issue at hand has been plaguing yourself lately.