How to fix water damaged Headphones

Headphones and EarPods are one the essential things which we use most. Still, most of the time, we usually don’t care about them as sometimes we had our luck with us, and we don’t need to fix water damaged headphones, and sometimes we are out of luck, and minor water damage could also lead us to a swear problem.

If you frequently use headphones, you might have accidentally exposed your headphone at least once, and then you might be thinking, how can I fix my headset that got wet? My friend, I want to tell you one thing didn’t get Panic when your headphone got wet. There is always some solution available to revive your headset, and in this guide, I will tell you step by step how to bring your water damaged headphones back to life.

Sometimes water damage might be due to some accident like water spillage on the table, and on the other time, some of your friends accidentally drop you in the pool while you are using a headset. When you successfully revive your headset, there will be a sense of accomplishment in your heart that you have saved some bucks. And you are still using your old favourite headphone which was recently water damaged by accident.

And if accidentally you are in a situation you have water damage to your headset and have wet headphones. First, we need to treat your headset for water damage, and after that, we need to think of different creative ways to revive your headphones that got wet.

How to fix wet Airpods

The first thing you need to do when you get your headphone to get wet is not to Panic. And don’t use any of the quick-drying methods like drying your headset using a hairdryer on high heat to dry your headset quickly. The only strategy you should adopt is to dry your headset using any microfiber cloth or any towel. The following are the quick steps to eliminate any possible damage that your earpods could get.

Don’t use wet Earpods

Headphones and Earpods that get wet accidentally should not be used generally, as you use on regular days as this kind of headphones needs some special treatment as. There are electrical circuits built into these Earpods and headphones that you are using.

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If you keep on using those headphones that got wet, then there is a good amount of chance that the headphones you are using will get a short circuit. And once this happens, it will force you to purchase a new headset or earphones, whichever you are using. You won’t be able to fix Headphones That Got Wet.

Don’t use a microwave or oven

Don’t try to use the TikTok method to dry your electronics products, like using the event to faster the drying of your electronics products. The use of the oven to dry your headphones or earphones is a completely wrong process. It might cause an injury to you.

All of the electronics products we mostly use are made up of plastic, so if it might cause a fire inside your over or it can also deform its shape.

Avoid using hairdryer

As hairdryers, sometimes produce very high heat temperature, which is very harmful to any electrical circuit and will likely cause a short circuit inside the earpods for headphones, whichever you are using.

And from my personal experience and after reading some post on quora and Reddit, I found some people mistakenly add too much heat to their headphones and earphones, so if you add that amount of heat, it will change the shape of headphones and AirPods. Avoid using the hairdryer to fasten the drying process of your headphone.

It will do more harm then it will to do good to your headsets and earpods so avoid using this method of drying your headset.

Don’t waste time

Like most people like myself, sometimes we completely forget our dirty clothes and return, we get washed goods. So if you ever forget your electronics products in your dirty clothes, then you should take immediate action.

It will reduce the chances of getting your electronics product more damaged by taking quick action to avoid getting your electronics product in contact with water. If you started using headphones that are water damaged, then here are some quick tips you could follow to recover your water damage headphones fully.

And we will tell you everything steps by step what to do if your headphones got wet.

Note: it is not 100% guaranteed that all of these methods mentioned below will work, as 95% of the time these quick time words as your headphones are not too much water damaged.

How to fix water damaged Airpods

Here are some quick tips to save your water damaged Airpods

Remove silicon tips.

First of all, if you are using Airpods pro any other Earpods which has ear tip on them, you should immediately become them as they are the weekes spot for water damage to your earpods.

Then you need to take a towel or dry cloth which is able to absorb all the moisture from earpods or headphones externally. Your main focus should be on the main part: the driver unit, which will most likely have water inside it. Shake your earpod a little bit for 2-3 mins to take the maximum amount of water out of them. Now we need to follow our next step.

It’s is time to dry them

As dring you earpods/Airpods is an essential process to bring your Electronics products back to life. By drying them. But one thing people mostly make a mistake here is they sometimes let their electronics products dry in Direct Sunlight.

Which I believe is bad for electronics products as Airpods and headphones need a balanced amount of both heat and air. You can simply let them dry in the room and simply turn on the fan. This process will take some time, but it will be best for your headphones and AirPods.

Can I use Silica get or rice?

Yes, you and use Silica gel and rise remedy to fasten the drying process of your electronics products. This process will absorb all the remaining water left behind in your Airpods and leave your earpods in silica gel (most commonly found in a shoebox) for about 48 hours.

This process will completely absorb all of the remaining water, and hopefully, your Airpods will start to work again.

You can always follow all of these steps will rise too, and after that, your AirPods will have slight from like sushi, which I hope most people will like.

NOTE: All of the tips that have been mentioned above will work perfectly for your Airpods

If you want to recover your water damaged headphones, then these are the tips to recover your water-damaged headphone, and you can follow these simple steps. Hopefully, your headphone that got will bring back to life.

How do fix your earphones get wet?

Whether you are using wireless headphones or wired headphones if any of these headphones got wet. The first thing you need to know is that there is no quick fix kind of thing in the real world, like bringing your wet headphone back to life in 30 min like that kind of stuff.

I will guide you step by step on how you can easily repair your water-damaged headphone. You will not need to purchase any new headphones by this method. Your old headphone will start to work again properly, whether it’s wired or wireless

Remove Earcups/foam cover

First of all, you need to remove heat earcups from your headphones as these ears cups absorb the most water. You need to put them aside, let them dry at room temperature.

Your main focus would be on the main part of the headset, which is the driver’s unit now, and you need to follow us on the next step for further details.

Disassemble your headphone parts.

One thing I want to mention before starting this step it is not for either Earpods/Ariprods. This step is only for headphones. Now let’s start. This essential step is to disassemble your headphones to expose their internal parts.

Nowadays, most headphones do not use a screw to lock them. Rather, they use an internal locking mechanism, which provides them with better water resistance. You can easily open them with the help of Scarewdrier and a knife and can disassemble them easily.

Use Distilled water

The use of distilled water is a vital process of bringing your water-damaged electronics products back to life. And this process is called de-ionization.

As distilled water is non-conducting and non-corrosive in medium, due to these properties of distilled water is most recommended way as it carries away all the water, which can not likely cause any damage to electronics parts of headphones.

Shaking you internal componmments.

When you have cleaned your headphone with distilled water, you need to remove all of the excess water from your headphone internal components by shaking them.

By shaking your headphone inter components, you can easily remove excess water. After that, we need to move to the red drying process of headphones’ internal parts.

Air Dry.

Please don’t take me wrong here, as I’m not asking to take a leaf blower to dry your headphones internal components. Here you need to take a hairdryer and set its temperature to cold.

As it will be best in your intruse to dry your headphone water-damaged components using cold air. You need to use the air-drying process from at least 2 feet distance to avoid any mess and prefer doing that, but all of the electronics components inside any jar avoid any mess on the floor.

Use any towel

Try using any towel to dry any internal components of the headphone, and if you don’t want o use a hairdryer on your headset, you can use this technique to dry your internal headphone components.

It is a well-recommended way to fix Headphones That Got Wet.

Use of Rice Bag/ Silica gel

This is an essential step in drying out your headset’s internal components. It would be best to take some rice from your kitchen and put them in some plastic/Glass jar.

Then you need to put your drivers until/ if you are using earbuds, then you can also follow this step. You need to put a headset in them for about 48 hours to dry them out completely.

Suppose you are using silica gel (most commonly found in a shoebox, brand new purse, or other accessories). Put these silica gel in some glass jar /plastic jar. And leave your driver unit in and other electronic components in them for about 48 hours. After that, reassemble your headphone, and then you are good to use them.

these are some simple yet less costly ways to fix your headphones that got accidently wet as shown by the company Shure with their FAQ #3980. 

Final Verdit.

It is very like to happen with someone who forgets their money in their pockets. Here I’m talking about a person like me. Sometimes peopl3e forget their earpods in their dirty clothes, and they accidentally set there these clothes in the laundry area, and in return, you get water-damaged Airpods.

Or sometimes you are out of luck while you are doing some exercise or jogging you, Airpods accidentally slip out from your ears there is most likely;y chances that you will get water damaged products.

As mentioned in the steps above, you have clear if you dropped wireless earbuds in water. You can easily follow and successfully bring back our water-damaged AirPods back to life if you carefully followed these steps, which I have mentioned above.