How long does the AirPods pro battery last?

How long does the AirPods pro battery last |
How long does the AirPods pro battery last?

The new AirPods Pro were released on October 30, 2019 and boast a number of new features including active noise cancellation and better sound quality. The AirPods Pro are also sweat and water resistant, making them ideal for working out or listening to music in the rain. With a new design and improved features, the AirPods Pro are sure to be a hit with Apple fans.

There are many factors that can affect how long your AirPods Pro battery will last.

Though Apple promises up to 4.5 hours of listening time and up to 5 hours of talk time, your experience may vary depending on how you use them. If you’re constantly switching between active noise cancelling and transparency mode, for example, you may notice a shorter battery life. Additionally, using features like Hey Siri can also drain your AirPods Pro batteries faster than usual.

Overall, the new AirPods Pro are a great addition for those who lead an active lifestyle. The sweat and water resistance is a great feature for those who work out or play sports. However, if you’re looking for ways to increase your airpods battery to last much longerwe will guide you in this blog post how you can achieve this your airpods pro and with apple airpods pro 2.

Airpod Pro Battery Life

Airpod Pro Battery Life
Airpod Pro Battery Life

Apple’s AirPods Pro have up to 5 hours of listening time, but when you put them in the charging case, you can get up to 24 hours of listening time. If you’re using them for phone calls, you can get up to 4.5 hours of talk time. The AirPods Pro also have a transparency mode, which lets you hear your surroundings while still listening to your music.

If you activate Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) mode, the listening time decreases to 4 hours and the talk time shortens to 3.5 hours. This means by using these feature the time duration of your airpods pro battery life will be disturbed and you should keep these time length s in mind.

When it comes to battery life, Apple is notoriously vague (not clearly saying). The company often uses the term “up to” when referencing how long a product’s battery will last. For example, Apple states that the AirPods Pro have a battery life of “up to 4.5 hours.” So why is Apple so vague?

Well, there are a few reasons. First, battery life can vary depending on how you’re using your device. If you’re streaming music or video, for instance, your battery will drain more quickly than if you’re simply listening to audio. Second, batteries tend to degrade over time. So even if your AirPods Pro had excellent battery life when you first bought them, after a year or two of use, they may not last as long per charge.

When picking out Bluetooth earbuds, you will need to think about whether AirPods Pro are the better option for you, as there are other wireless earbuds on the market.

So How Long Do AirPods Actually Last?

The limit of the life of the AirPods or AirPods Pro earphones is their battery’s ability to retain a charge. Over time, you will notice that the capacity of AirPods keeps going down from five hours to 2.5 hour or worse. Battery life per charge begins to decrease over several years of use.

The average lifespan for a pair of AirPods is about two years, according to Apple. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your AirPods pro and airpods pro 2 battery will start to degrade after 24 months of use. it basically depends on how often you’re using them and what kind of activities you’re doing with them.

If you’re a heavy user and you’re constantly using your AirPods for hours at a time, you can expect to replace them more frequently than someone who only uses them for occasional phone calls or quick sessions of music listening.

Aripods Battery life check. 

We have compared battery life of all Airpods and Airpods pro available in the market to provide you quick overview of their battery life and how you can select best according to your requirements.

1st generation AirPods:

It allows for up to 5 hours of listening time on a single charge and 2 hours of talk time when fully charged. The case can store 24+11 hrs worth in total playback, which is approximately two days’ worth at full volume!

2nd generation AirPods:

It allows for up to 5 hours of listening time on a single charge and 3 hours of talk time when fully charged. The case can store total of 24 hours of airpodss’ baattery life.

Second-generation AirPods come with a wireless charging case which you can also use with first-generation AirPods too.

3rd generation AirPods:

airpods 2rd generation comes with 6 hours of music playback time and with 4 hours of talk time and with its charging case you can get total of 30 hous longer battery life, as compared to simple airpods and their charging case and this airpods comes with apple h1 chip along with different features.

Airpods Pro:

With AirPods Pro, the user can listen to music for up to 4.5 hours of battery life and Up to 3.5 hours of talk time on a single charge 1 hour of listening time only with 5 minutes of charging time needed! and with charging case you can get 24 hours of airpods pro battery life.

AirPods Pro (2nd generation):

Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 are the company’s latest wireless earbuds, and they come with a few key upgrades. In terms of battery life, the AirPods Pro 2 offer slightly better performance than their predecessor. Apple claims that the AirPods Pro 2 will last for up to 5.5 hours of listening time with ANC turned on, or up to 6 hours with ANC turned off. an dwith charging case you can get total of 30 hours of music lifespan of your airpods pro 2.

How to Maximize Airpods or Airpods pro Battery Life

Apple’s new AirPods Pro are a big step up from the original AirPods. They’re more comfortable to wear, they sound better, and they have active noise cancellation. One of the biggest questions people have about the AirPods Pro is battery life. How long do they last? and how can we maximize airpods battery life?

We will share different tips and tricks how you can maximize and optimize the optimized battery charging of your airpods pro and can keep on using on the go.

Keep airpods in there charging case

According to Apple, the AirPods Pro should last for up to 4.5 hours of listening time and 3.5 hours of talk time on a single charge. However, your mileage may vary depending on how you use them.

If you are worried about running out of juice while using your AirPods Pro, don’t worry too much. They come with a charging case that can give you more than 24 hours of listening time or 18 hours of talk time. And if you need a quick boost, you can get an hour’s worth of listening time after just five minutes of charging.

Disable ANC.

Disable the Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes in the AirPods Pro’s Sound menu, it can increase the battery life of airpods pro.

Use one AirPod at a time.

If you are concerned about not having your AirPods working all day long, using one at a time while charging the other is a great way to make sure you can always have one ready to go. This method will also help extend the overall life of your AirPods.

To do this, simply put one AirPod in the case and close the lid. Then take the other AirPod out and use it as normal. When you are finished with it, put it back in the case and close the lid. The first AirPod will now be charged and ready to use.

Now that you understand how long AirPods battery life is and how you can optimize the listening and talking time you get from your AirPods, you should know how to use airpods for extended period of time.

Keep your AirPods dry and clean.

The AirPods Pro and the new AirPods are both sweat- and water-resistant to some extent, but they are not waterproof. Dry your AirPods in a case, and thoroughly disinfect them if they get wet or get dirty.

Should I Upgrade if my AirPods are Dying?

If you’re wondering whether or not to upgrade your AirPods when the battery starts dying, here’s what you need to know. The AirPods Pro battery lasts about 4.5 hours on a single charge, while the AirPods 2 battery lasts about 5 hours. If you’re using your AirPods for longer than that on a regular basis, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer model. The AirPods Max, for example, have a much longer battery life of 20 hours.

If you’re not ready to upgrade just yet, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your existing AirPods. First, make sure that you’re charging them properly. It’s best to use the official Apple charger and cable that came with your AirPods.

what If you use active noise cancellation in airpods pro?

You would be surprised to see that with ANC turned on on your Airpods pro’s battery drain very quickly. With this new feature, active noise cancellation. If you turn on the ANC feature on your Airpods Pro, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly the battery drains. With this new feature, active noise cancellation is turned on, which uses more battery power. So if you’re looking to conserve battery life, you may want to turn off ANC when you’re not using it.

How to charge your AirPods pro

The Wireless Charging Case is essential for charging your second-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro wirelessly. Place it on any Qi-powered mat to juice them up, close the lid and wait 8 seconds!

I love my new AirPods case (battery life) because not only does it charge faster than before (5 minutes vs. 30), but now there’s no more worrying about running out of battery lifespan in between sessions when you’re busy all day long at work listening to fine-tunes with Apple Music played through Beats Solo3 wireless headphones.

You can also charge your AirPods Pro with a standard lightning cable, i.e., wired connection. To do this, turn off the charging case and connect a USB charging cord to a computer or a power adapter for at least two hours to fully recharge the battery. And then you can enjoy up to five hours of listening time.

How to Check AirPods Battery Life.

To check your AirPods battery life, simply open the case next to your iPhone. The battery life of each AirPod will be displayed on your iPhone’s screen. You can also check the battery life of your AirPods by going to the “Battery” section in the “Settings” app.

How to Check AirPods Battery Life on Android.

It’s no secret that Apple’s AirPods are some of the most popular wireless earbuds on the market. But what if you’re an Android user? Can you still check the battery life of your AirPods?

The good news is, yes! There are a few different ways to do it.

One way is to open up the AirPods case next to your Android device. open Airpods battery app then a popup will appear on your screen showing the current battery life of both the AirPods and the case.

Another way is to go into your Bluetooth settings on your Android device and select “AirPods” from the list of connected devices. The battery life for each AirPod will be shown here.

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Why airpods battery drain when not in use

When it comes to battery life, the AirPods pro is pretty average. They will last around five hours on a single charge, but if you are using them for phone calls or streaming music, that number will be closer to three hours.

The biggest issue with the AirPods pro is not the battery life itself, but rather the fact that the batteries tend to drain quickly when they are not in use.

This is because the AirPods pro uses Bluetooth to stay connected to your devices, and Bluetooth is a power-hungry technology. So even when you are not using your AirPods pro, they are still draining their batteries. here are few tips which you should use to stop your air pods from darning battery constantly.

  • Don’t leave your airpods out of case.
  • Don’t expose your airpods or airpods pro to heat.
  • Disable “Automatic ear detection”
  • Try to reset your airpods.

We hope these tips will help you out in resolving your airpods pro finite battery life problem and you will less likely to see less time when the battery run out from juice.

Tips for charging your new Apple device.

To charge your new Apple device, simply connect the provided USB cable to a power source, such as a computer or an AC adapter. Once connected, your device will begin charging automatically.

If you’re using a desktop computer, make sure that it’s turned on and that the USB cable is properly connected to the computer’s port. If you’re using an AC adapter, make sure that it’s plugged into a wall outlet. Once your device is fully charged, disconnect it from the power source. You should also let it sit for at least 3 hours before using it so that it has enough juice to get started without any problems!


Do AirPods cases lose battery when not in use?

Yes, AirPods do lose power when they’re not in use. In fact, every battery will drain if the circuit is not utilized. It happens gradually so that we do not identify it. The bigger the battery, the longer the charge will last.

Is it okay to overcharge AirPods?

Your current AirPod case will automatically turn off charging when the battery is full, thus making it safe to leave it connected to the lightning cable or the Qi mat overnight.