How does Bluetooth Transmitters Works? Simple Guide & Usage

Different types of Bluetooth Transmitter

As technology is shifting from cable to wireless technology these days. Since many people are confused about integrating into this new era while staying on budget, a Bluetooth transmitter is the solution to all these issues. here we will help you to understand how Bluetooth transmitters work and are the difference between Wired and wireless transmitters and a lot of other stuff.

Imagine you are playing your favorite game after a busy day or watching Netflix. While all this, you don’t want to disturb your roommate or family members sleeping. So, here Bluetooth transmitter helps you connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices with non-Bluetooth devices.

So, how does a Bluetooth Transmitter works? The Bluetooth transmitter works by transmitting data from different devices. This transmitter decoding the source file that can be transferred to your Bluetooth-compatible device by radio waves. This enables you to connect your non-Bluetooth devices like in-flight entertainment system to your Bluetooth-compatible speakers or headsets by clicking the Bluetooth transmitter to it.

 So, if you ran into a problem like this by are using any device that is not Bluetooth compatible, then don’t be worried we got a solution for you. Moreover, we will be discussing how you can make your car’s speakers Bluetooth compatible. Just keep on reading this article.

Different types of Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth transmitter vs. Bluetooth receiver

How Does Radio Frequency Transmission Work?

How to Use a Bluetooth Transmitter for Your TV?

How to Use a Bluetooth Transmitter for Your Car?

How to Use a Bluetooth Transmitter for Your PC?

Different types of Bluetooth Transmitter

there are different type of Bluetooth transmitter while some of then are wireless and other are wired and we will help you learn working of both type of transmitter weather you want to learn Note

With the advancements in technology. There is a Bluetooth transmitter available In the market, having antennas that enable to transmit data wirelessly. Moreover, there are some pocket-size Bluetooth transmitters also available in the market. They can connect with your device without the adapters, making it an ideal option for most users.

As suggested by the name, the transmitter uses wire for connection for two devices. This type of transmitter is much easier to connect. As it comes with an adapter that needs to be compatible with the devices, it is touching. But, it is less popular as who wants to use a cable if you can connect it with a wireless Bluetooth transmitter.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing Bluetooth FM Transmitter:

While surfing on the internet for Bluetooth transmitters, you will find tons of different variants available in the market. So, to avoid a lot of hassle of finding the best Bluetooth transmitter. You need to consider some things while purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter that will indeed you the best user experience.

  1. Dual Function Technology

Whether purchasing online or from a tech store, first, you need to know about its functionality as there are many variants available in the market that are Bluetooth receivers.

This feature enables you to use your Bluetooth transmitter for streaming music wirelessly to your Speaker and with your TV without compromising sound quality.

  • Device Pairing

While searching for a Bluetooth transmitter, you will find some options that can connect multiple devices at once, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music with your friends at the same time.

Obviously, the Bluetooth transmitter with multiple pairing options will defiantly help you save money as you don’t need to worry about other non-Bluetooth devices as well. It might cost you more than a Bluetooth transmitter with a single pairing option. But save money in the long run. 

  • Battery Timing

If you are using a wireless Bluetooth transmitter, you definitely need good battery timing as it will enable you to use it without worrying about charging it again and again. This becomes a big problem if you are on a long trip with your family or friends. So, if you are a Bluetooth Transmitter with good battery life, it will be ready to use whenever you want.

You might be thinking, what would be an ideal battery timing for a Bluetooth transmitter. The answer is if your Bluetooth transmitter’s battery life is a minimum of 8 hours then, you are good to go with this. But, options with a battery lifeless than this will not be favorable for you if you think about outdoor usage.

  • Transmitter Range

Like Bluetooth transmitter battery life, its transmission range is also an essential factor to consider. As it’s the distance, a Bluetooth transmitter will work fine if having no obstacle to disturb single strength.

These Bluetooth transmitters come with different range options divided into classes. Class 2 transmitters have a range of 10 meters. Class 1 Bluetooth transmitters can be used for a range of up to 100 meters.

 In the market, the common variants available are Class 2. But if you don’t want to use this transmitter at home, we will definitely suggest you go with Class 1, which will cost you a little fortune. But believe me, this extra feature is worth it for outdoor usage.

  • Controls

Bluetooth transmitter comes with different control options available. Some have a single universal button and a light, While others have more than one button and light options.

The Bluetooth transmitter with multiple button options is user-friendly. It would not be a difficulty that people face while using a Bluetooth transmitter with a single button and light option.

  • Connection

It is always good practice to try a device before purchasing it. If you are trying a Bluetooth transmitter, you should first pair it with the most frequently used device. Yes, it is not possible if you are buying it online. But, you can ask for other people’s opinion on this.

According to our experience, in the market, some transmitter connects with your device instantly. But there are some variants available that don’t even connect even after trying it several times. Yes, it can be cumbersome to use a Bluetooth device sometimes. But that’s the point you need to check whether the Bluetooth transmitter pairs with your device smoothly or not.

  • Sound

Commonly Bluetooth transmitters are used to connect Bluetooth devices, but sometimes Bluetooth transmitters are also used to send documents files. It takes too much time. That is why it is mainly used to send signals to audio devices like headphones and Speakers.

Some Bluetooth transmitters reduce the sound quality; first, you need to sed the sound output from transmitter to maximum and then compare its sound with the sound produced by the Speaker or and headphone you are using if the volume level of both devices matches. You don’t feel any kind of lag in audio performance, then you are good to go. You are good to go.

Bluetooth transmitters vs. Bluetooth Recivers

Bluetooth transmitter vs. Bluetooth Reciver

Here we are going to discuss how Bluetooth transmitters work and how does Bluetooth receiver work, one Bluetooth-enabled device can simultaneously act as both receiver and transmitter, and here I’ll tell you the working principle of both of these.

Consider you have a speaker in your house which is not Bluetooth enabled, and you have a laptop that is Bluetooth enabled. You want o to listen to music on that Speaker wirelessly, you need to connect a Bluetooth receiver to connect both of these devices. As a result, both of these devices are now connected. You can listen to music on that Speaker wirelessly.

Let’s take another example you want to watch TV while everyone is sleeping in your house and don’t want to disturb them. You TV is not Bluetooth enabled, then you need to connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your device (TV) to make it able to send signals to other Bluetooth-enabled devices like your headset. With the help of that transmitter, your headphone will be able to receive signs, and you can enjoy watching you TV without disturbing other people sleeping in your house.

How Does Radio Frequency FM Transmission Work?

Tuned radio frequency TRF receiver block diagram |

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves that wave frequencies range from 30Hz to 300GHZ. These electromagnetic waves carry energy that causes oscillation in their path; they naturally travel in all directions. These waves in the vacuum can travel in all orders at the speed of light. For example, in a traditional medium, these electromagnetic waves travel more slowly due to interference from their surroundings but still, these waves travel very fast.

If you want to learn more about the working of headphones, then you can click here.

As we have already mentioned, radiofrequency ranges from 30HZ to 30GHZ, but commercially available headphones have a frequency range from 900MHZ to 3.2GHz, Bluetooth, wireless headphones, and standard operate in the frequency range 2.4GHZ to 2.4835GHZ.

 Wireless headphones often receive analog e audio signals. These audio signals have typical bandwidth of 20Hz to 20KHz. Which acts as a modular signal. Here carrier wave is a sine wave that ranges from 900 MHz to 3.2 GHz. These audio signals amplitude the frequency of carrier waves. These modulate carrier waves are received by headphones, which you are using these audio signals to recover from carrier waves.

How to Use Bluetooth Transmitter for Your TV?

How to Use a Bluetooth Transmitter for Your TV?

If you want to use your Bluetooth transmitter with your TV, and you want to learn how Bluetooth transmitter work then you can simply these simple steps to enjoy watching your TV on any Wireless headphone or Bluetooth-enabled Speaker.

  1. First, you need to Buy a Bluetooth transmitter that is compatible with your TV. Or if you have not purchased any transmitter, then  Avantree’s Audikast is an excellent option as it can transmit a signal to two devices simultaneously. 
  2. Then, you simply need to connect the Bluetooth transmitter to a power source to turn it on.
  3. After Everything is turned ON, you have to connect your transmitter to your TV’s audio output. 
  4. After that have to pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with the transmitter. It’s recommended you should first bring every close to the transmitter for better connectivity.
  5. Once Everything is set up, you can simply enjoy watching Via your Bluetooth-enabled devices like your Wireless headphone or Speakers.  

How to Use a Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Your Car?

if you want to make your car audio system go wireless, you want to learn how Bluetooth transmitter work with your car, then you can simply follow these steps.

  1. First, you need to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter that is compactable with all of your devices. If you are using IOS, Android, and with your MP3 or MP4 player, you will not face any issue Nulaxy’s FM transmitter is a great option. 
  2. Now you need to Connect your Bluetooth transmitter to your car and turn it ON.
  3. Bring your Smartphone Bluetooth in paring mode to pair it with Bluetooth Transmitter.
  4. Now it is the most essential step you need to tine your car system to an FM channel. This step must be done to avoid any kind of interference between your car system or your smartphone.
  5. Now you need to select the same empty channel on your Bluetooth transmitter. Now it’s all done; you can enjoy listening to your favorite music in your car with the help of your smartphone.


How to Use a Bluetooth Transmitter for Your PC?

If you want to connect your Pc with any Bluetooth-enabled device, or any wireless gaming headphone you are using here we want to give you a quick Note.

Note: Most latest Pc already have Bluetooth transmitters built into them, and here we are, assuming you have Old PC.

Following are some simple steps you need to follow while connecting your Bluetooth transmitter with any wireless Speaker or wireless headset.

  1. First, you need to find any Bluetooth transmitter which is fully compatible with your  TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter. It is an excellent choice, and it comes with volume controls and low latency to avoid any kind of lag in Audio performance.
  2. You need to connect your Pc with Bluetooth Transmitter with a 3.5mm port; if you want to communicate via USB, this is for you.
  3. After you have connected your Bluetooth transmitter with your PC. An installer Will popup on your screen allows all the required drivers to install on your PC.
  4. Pair your desired Wireless device with your PC.
  5. Once Everything is paired, then you’re ready to use all of your devices on the go. You can easily listen to music you lie on your headphone either on your Wireless speaker.