Can I wear apple AirPods in shower? (Will They BREAK?!)

Can you wear Apple Airpods In Shower?
Can I wear apple AirPods in shower?

This question is in the mind of many people who can wear Airpods in the shower, and here we will discuss all of these questions in detail. It’s commonly known that water and electricity hate each other, and once they combine, something wrong is supposed to happen.

It is easy to keep water from home electronics as generally, you keep your electronics away from water, like smartphones, TV, telephone, and that kind of stuff. However, people like typically carry their smartphones with them all the time, and If you are an Airpods user, you will also like to bring it with you all the time, whether you are running, at work, or taking a shower.

However, the question is about a shower. Can you use your Airpods while taking a bath and enjoy music without disturbing others? Why should we stop listening to music washroom with Airpods? There have been many questions related to water resistance for both Airpods 1st and 2nd generation. Are they water-resistant or not? Here I’m going to all of your questions about water resistance and quick fixes to water damage of Airpods.

Can you wear Apple Airpods pro in the shower?

No, you should never wear Airpods in wet circumstances like listening to music in the shower. If you want to have a working set of Airpods at the end of the day, then you should never wear them whether you are running, jogging, or any other kind of workout activity. You should always avoid using them in these conditions. If you are thinking about using them while swimming or sitting in a sauna, I recommend using any waterproof IPX6/7 rating Airpods. These kinds of products will work best in these kinds of circumstances.

If you have watched apple advertising in which they are showing you can use it in the workout, I assure you it is a lie. The standard Apple Airpods and the Airpods pro come under the same degree of water rating as IPX4, which means they are water and sweat resistant. This rating is not water Proof. It’s sweat-resistant Furthermore, Apple also Acknowledges that the rating of ipx4(Sweat resistance) diminishes over time.

“Sweat and water resistance are not permanent conditions, and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.” (From Apple’s Support Page)

On the same page, Apple also stated that if you are using Standard Airpods and AirPods Pro is water, it all comes with a water and sweat resistance rating and is not Sweat Proof, so it’s better for you to avoid splashes of water as apple doesn’t provide warranty for water sweat resistant.

What are IPXXX ratings?

This IPXXX is a rating standard for protecting how well your device is protected from water and dust. (IEC) International Electrotechnical Commission sets these ratings in London. They are responsible for setting international standards for a wide range of electronic devices for consumer and industrial use. These include all the electronic devices we use in our daily life.

We usually call the IPXXX rating an IP rating, and here one indusial X carries its meaning first X means X Dust protection its measuring scale is between 0-6 to measure how much better it protects from dust.

Sometimes we see some products are measured for water resistant. It doesn’t mean it is also calculated for dust resistance as it’s common thinking if some products if measured for water resistance, then it must protect them from dust. It is not valid, and no one has stopped you from testing your products.

As everything cost money and some company tried to be cost-effective, they only provide you with an IPX4 rating to not increase the product’s price if any product is not marked as dust resistant, then the company writes X in its place.

The second type of resistance is water resistance and sweat resistant X is very from 0-9, zero is the lowest level, and 9 is the highest level of water resistance. Generally, in consumer electronics, the level of water protection commonly provided is seven, which is stated article below.

You can get everything related to IPXX rating in the article below.

  • IPXX means everything is unknown.
  • IPX0 protects from light moisture but not from water.
  • IPX1 protects from vertical water (like rain) for 10 minutes, not ideal for very light rain.
  • IPX2 can protect water from a 15-degree angle for as long as 10 minutes, which is recommended to use in little rain in accidental conditions.
  • IPX3 is protected from sprinkling with an angle differential of 60 degrees but only for 5 minutes, at a limited pressure (50-150kPa).
  • IPX4 it’s also known for sweat and water resistance and provides splash resistance in any direction.
  • IPX5 this rating can protect your equipment from water resistance up to 15min from indirect water contact.
  • IPX6  this rating offers protection from direct water contact at any angle for up to 3 minutes.
  • IPX7 means that you will not get your electric device if you drop your device into water 3 feet deep for 30 minutes; it provides full water coverage. This rating is commonly used in commercial products.
  • IPX8 at this level of water resistance, there is no limit to how long you can submerge your product in water.
  • IPX9 Kit is one of the height levels of water resistance; it protects against high temperatures and pressure,  

Here in the above-mentioned table, IPX4 clearly shows how much your apple AirPods are water-resistant and can use Airpods in the shower. Final x is not often used as it refers to another type of protection like there are different types of protection included in it where D is for wires, H stands for high voltage, W stands for weather resistance, and S stands for still.

How can I save my wet Airpods pro?

Many stories of people accidentally taking their Airpods in the sauna and getting water damaged from moisture, and then they didn’t dry them and keep on using them, and after some time their Airpods stopped working, I’m not here to tell you horror stories of people lose. I’m here to tell you if you face any of these issues, how can you avoid these issues?

We can divide the drying process of wet Airpods into three steps.

  1. It would be best if you dried your wet Airpods completely with some microfiber cloth. It will externally dry your Airpods, and you need to leave them for some time in that microfiber cloth to make them externally dry.
  2. While you are externally drying your Airpods so don’t try to provide them with any external electric current. If you offer them electric current, then due to water’s presence, there might be a chance of a short circuit in the Airpod’s internal course.
  3. It would help if you took a small airtight bag full of dry rice or silica, commonly found in medicine or shoes due to its nature of dryness. It absorbs all kinds of moisture present in the air, and it will make all kinds of moisture present in the Airpod’s internal structure. I will recommend you leave your Airpods for a minimum of 5 hours in it to see any good results. If you are unable to find silica in your house, you can find them on amazon.

Airpods and Showering

So, let us answer the most important question are you able to use Airpods while showering? No, you are not able to use Airpods in Shower. If your goal is to have a working set of Airpods at the end of the day, you should always try to avoid Airpods in the shower. Rather if you still want to listen to music while taking a shower, we recommend you purchase any decent outdoor speakers or try to purchase a swimming MP3 player.

As both of the above-mentioned products provide excellent resistance against water use this product, you will not have to worry about any water damage to your product.

Can Airpods electrocute you if wet?

Yes, you can get shocked by your Airpods in the shower as there will be static electric current built into these Airpods by rubbing them into electrical conducting material it is not deadly at all, and it is extremely rare to die from using your Airpods.

That is why Apple always recommends avoiding using Airpods in the shower. Another thing that could happen to your Airpods and you are using them for some time, and they are exposed to water as sweat resistance decreases over time and their Airpods do AC power discharge. When you purchase any new product, you try to use the official Apple product.

But after some time, you started to use an unofficial charger that provides them high voltages, which could be very dangerous and could harm you later on, so try to use official Apple products. If you want to read more about this topic, you can click here.

Are Apple Airpods Waterproof can I use them in shower

Does AppleCare+ for AirPods Cover Water Damage?

When it comes to AirPods, AppleCare coverage is an important question for many users. Does AppleCare cover water damage for these popular wireless headphones? The short answer is yes – AppleCare+ does provide protection against water damage, but there are some conditions that must be followed in order to qualify.

In order to be eligible for the coverage provided by AppleCare+, the AirPods must be purchased within the last two years and must still be under warranty. If the AirPods are no longer under warranty, then they will not qualify for coverage through AppleCare+. Additionally, any repairs related to water damage must follow all of Apple’s terms and conditions in order to get approved. This means that all of the necessary steps should have been taken beforehand in order to attempt to prevent any potential damages from occurring.


Showering with your AirPods isn’t necessarily a great idea since they can become damaged once you’re in the tub. Take your Airpods to dry as quickly as possible if you do happen to get them wet. AirPods should be cleaned regularly, and if damaged, have it replaced with the help of AppleCare, which will basically cover the repair costs.