Are your Airpods waterproof? What if you get them wet?

Apple Airpods water resistant or not

While reading this, you might be thinking about whether your Airpods are waterproof. The answer is a big no; even the new Airpods pro is not waterproof. So whenever you get them wet, you need to dry your Airpods before putting them back into the case to avoid any damage.

Apple Airpods is the best wireless earbuds option available in the market. Don’t come with a wireless option. So, what if you mistakenly washed your Airpods or jumped into the pool while wearing them? If you run into such a situation, then searching, you would come across a common myth to put them in rice. But sorry to say this trick doesn’t work well and will disappoint you.

 Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid getting your Airpods from being soaked. So, for this, you need to know how to dry out your Airpods. After a lot of research and testing them on their Airpods, we will discuss many proven ways to dry your Airpods.

Water-Resistant vs Waterproof

It is a common misconception that water resistance and waterproof are the same and even synonyms. For this, you should know its importance as many companies mark their earphones with these labels. So, it’s necessary to understand the difference. Otherwise, you will waste your well-earned money on an undesired feature.

When a company claims that their product is waterproof, then it means water can’t get in it and damage the product. You don’t need to worry about the time or how deep it goes in the water for these devices. Unluckily none of the Airpods by Apple are waterproof.

On the other hand, Water-resistant is way different than waterproof as it stops water for a limited time and depth from getting in. After this, all the protection is over, and water will damage your device. This water resistance of a device is measured by using an IP rating system.

Till now, it might be clear to you that if you are using standard Airpods, then you need to be a little more careful water resistance of AirPods. But if you are using Airpods Pro, then it is a water-resisting rating of IPX4 makes you more confident about them. Still, you need to be careful with these as this is quite a low rating for this price range. As the Airpods Pro can only withstand small water splashes like rain or sweat.

Moreover, the Water-resistivity of a device decrease with time. All because of its seal that degrades over time. All this shows that even your Airpods Pro becomes less and less water-resistant with time. Along With all this, there is no way to find out if the water-resisting seal still works. Neither is there any way to reseal the device? So, you need to be more careful as your water-resisting device gets older.

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How Much Water my Airpods can Take:

Apple Airpods Come with amazing sound quality. But they are not waterproof, even if they come with a premium price tag. As discussed later, Airpods Pro is water-resistant, which means that they can survive splashes of water. But we will recommend you not try the water-resistivity of Standard Airpods or Airpods (2nd generation) and dry them immediately if you get them wet.

The same goes for all Airpods cases as well. Suppose you are Thinking about the Airpods Pro charging case. They aren’t even water-resistant thanks to their metal connectors inside them. We will recommend you to use a water-resistant Airpod case, which will keep your charging case and Airpods inside dry all the time.

What could be done with my Water-resistant Airpods Pro?

Even if your Airpods Pro are water-resistant, they still don’t assure you to wet them on purpose. As their seal, which makes it water-resistant, decays over time. So, your Airpods Pro might not be able to withstand a little splash of water in the future.

There are some activities common among people that you should avoid while wearing your Airpods Pro or standard Airpods.

  • Placing them in running water
  • Wearing them while swimming
  • Wearing them during heavy rain
  • Using them in sauna or steam room
  • Putting them in washing machine or dryer

Airpods Pro works fine in light rain or if you sweat while wearing them during gym. But the thing you need to keep in mind is to dry them before returning them to the charging case.

What if you get your Airpods wet?

It might be hard for you, but still, there is no universal answer to this question asked by most of the fellas. It all depends on the condition of your AirPods, whether they are slightly wet or fully soaked in water. There is the possibility that you are outside doing a jog and it starts raining. Then it would depend on the intensity of rain.

Sometimes you unknowingly jump into the pool while wearing them or washing them with the pocket of your favorite jeans. Whatever the condition is, there are chances that your Airpods will get damaged. Still, many people are claiming that their Airpods survived all the conditions and still work fine. So, for all this, hope is still alive.

What should you do if you get Your Airpods wet?

1. Calm down!

First of all, as stated above, there is still hope that your Airpods will work fine. You should first be calm down instead of being panicked at the situation. We know it might be your well-earned money. For this, you need to follow the steps that will most probably resolve your issue, and your Airpods will again work fine.

2. Move them away from Water.

Your first step should be to remove your Airpods away from water ASAP for a situation like this, whether it’s on the pool’s water or in the washing machine. Now place them on a dry surface or use a lint-free cloth, which will surely help you dry surrounding moisture on your precious AirPods.

3. Wipe your Airpods Softly.

For this step, you need to dry your Airpods. We will recommend you to use a micro-fiber cloth which is surely the best option. If not, then use cotton cloth or lint-free cloth.

But still, if the water is already gotten inside the Airpods. Then you should use cotton swabs by gently tapping on the Airpods.

4. Place them to dry.

After doing all these steps, you should now place your Airpods to dry out in the open. For this, we will recommend letting them dry in a clean and dry space with gentle airflow. Now let them air dry for a few hours, preferably 2-3 hours.

While drying, you should avoid turning them on. It would be best if you leave your Airpods to dry for a night or a day. It will hopefully resolve your issue.

 Don’t try what people suggest to you in such a situation. One of the most common misconceptions is that putting your wet Airpods in rice will help you get them to fix. Bur believe me that it will make them even worse. According to experts, a bit of rice will get stuck in the small ports and holes of your Airpods. Later on, this will affect sound quality and speed up the corrosion process in your Favorite pair of Airpods.

Moreover, it would be best if you didn’t dry your Airpods near a heater, nor should you try using a blow dryer. This will ultimately damage your Airpods by overheating them. The only solution for this is patience.

5. Checking Airpods Case

Same as your Airpods, its case also needs your attention. So, in case you get it wet. It would help if you repeated the same processes as given above to fix it. Along with it, always check the case for dust or moisture, so you are always on the safe side.

What if you get something other than water in your Airpods?

Like water, other liquids can damage your Airpods. These liquids can damage and even eat away the water-resisting seals of your AirPods. Most common among these liquids are lotions, solvents, and even soft drinks that can make a sticky residue that eventually blocks your speakers. Sometimes Sea water’s salt remains even when it dries.

So, if you accidentally get your Airpods wet with any of these liquids. You need immediately wipe them down the cloth before drying them. While cleaning with a damp cloth, you need to be careful, as water shouldn’t get into your Airpods.

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Tips to Avoid Damage to your Airpods with Water.

After reading and following all mentioned steps, we still can’t guarantee you that your Airpods will still work like before, or in worse cases, than they even work after all this. As sometimes, water that gets inside your Airpods Affects it instantly, and sometimes it slowly corrodes its circuit over a few weeks.

So, whatever happens to your Airpods, you have to look into this on your own as Apple doesn’t cover any water damage under its official warranty, even if you are using Airpods Pro, which is claimed to be water-resistant.

Tips for keeping your Airpods extra safe:

· Keep them away from the wet surfaces.

· Keep your Airpods in your pocket while it’s raining.  

· Always put your Airpods in the case while you aren’t using them.

· Try to avoid your Airpods from Falling as it can damage its water-resisting seal.

· If possible, try extra protection by accessorizing your Airpods.

· Avoid using your Airpods while taking a shower or swimming.

· Always check your pockets before washing your clothes as your AirPods are not waterproof.

We hope that if you try to avoid all these things, your Airpods will be safe from water damage as it’s always up to you to keep them away from water.