USB Headsets vs 3.5mm Jack Analog Headsets?

Are USB Headsets Better than 3.5mm Jack Analog Headsets
Are USB Headsets Better than 3.5mm Jack Analog Headsets?

We all know that many people question which related tp are USB Headsets Better than 3.5mm Headsets? but you might not be aware of the benefits they provide. As headphones allow for high-quality sound optimization to occur and their portability is a huge plus point in this instance. There are different types available with some focused on studio use while others target gamers or those who want normal usage headphones like myself!

There are many differences between headphones with usb and jack and analog headsets. Still, many people treat them like the same product with different connecting options, but they are totally wrong about this concept. USB headsets are a combination of headphones and Microphones connected to one cable.

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Are USB headsets better than 3.5 mm Jack?

Let’s Ans the most asked question, and then we will move forward. Is USB headsets better than analog? If we put both of these headsets side-by-side, the USB headphone provides external audio adjustment with a plus point of adjusting the audio all externally. On the other hand, if you are using an analog(3.5mm) headset, all processing is done internally inside the sound card. According to my experience external processing is much better then internal processing.

Does USB Headset use Sound card?

No USB headset does not need a sound card built in your PC, or if you have purchased any sound card externally, it does not require any sound card at all. Because USB headsets come with prebuild sound cards in a headset that helps amplify the sound quality of these headsets.

Basically, a sound card Is a sound expansion card that basically produces sound on your computer in which you connect your 3.5mm audio connector to hear sound either from your Speakers or your headphone which you’re using to hear a sound if you’re using Analog headphones then you definitely need to purchase IC to use your 3.5mm connector.

On the other hand, if you are using a USB headset, you don’t need to purchase any sound card to listen to any sound from your PC as it’s all built inside your headset.

How does a USB Headset Work?

Before we Answer how the USB headset works, we need to know why most people prefer to use USB headsets, and most gamers prefer to use a USB headset. USB headsets provide excellent sound performance as this headset does not provide any kind of in-cable noise, which is mostly found in a 3.5mm headset.

Most people face this cable noise issue because their headset requires high voltages to operate to deliver the sound performance for which they are designed. These headsets come with better sound capturing performance than traditional headsets, with a 3.5mm connector.

These USB headsets come with the advantage of disconnecting both headphone and Microphone at the same time so, these USB headsets are a more convenient solution for people who sometimes wants privacy while they are calling

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Why do gamers recommend USB headphones for gaming?

Why gamers recommend USB headphones for gaming
Why do gamers recommend USB headphones

When it comes to USB headphones, it is the latest integration in the headphone industry and it is totally independent of whether you have a sound card on your PC. This headset comes with there own inbuild sound amplifiers inside the headset, which helps in sound amplification.

And that enhances the sound performance of this headset, and another advantage is their port management if we compare audio jack vs. USB. If you have ever used an analog headset for gaming, you have to connect 3.5mm connectors and USB connectors to give RGB lights power.

On the other hand, if you are using USB headphones first, it will consume only one port and it will power up your headphone completely, including RGB light, which is important if you use a gaming headset. All power to this headset delivers through only one port compared to an analog headset in which you need to connect three different connectors to fully power up your headset.

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Does USB 3.5mm audio adopter affect audio quality?

This 3.5mm audio adopter is a thin round-shaped plug inserted in the side 3.5mm adopter to convert the digital signals into analog signals. After it is concerted, they hear through the earpiece of your headphone.

On the other hand, USB headphones have ha a digital data interface and its standard interface port for all PC. These USB ports are commonly used to connect all kinds of standard devices. These USB ports all compatible devices such as USB headsets to connect through all digital devices all across  

Now we will discuss the most important question for what people are mostly looking for: a 3.5mm audio adopter affects your headset’s audio quality. A digital to analog converter converts computer digital signals into analog signals, and it helps create a sound ideal for your headset.

Therefore it is recommended to not use a motherboard built-in DAC. You should purchase DAC for your PC if you want to hear excellent sound quality common theory. The better the Digital to analog converter, the better the analog quality will be delivered to you. If you don’t want to use DAC, you should invest in a USB headset.

Pros and Cons of USB Headsets  

here we are going to tell you how USB headsets are better than analog headsets. As USB headsets come with amazing sound quality and help eliminate the electrical noise that mostly comes with an Analog headset. When you plug in your USB headset, you simply need to install some which are mostly installed in the background.

You will not even notice something is installing on your PC. AS USB headset comes with an Excellent build Microphone which is mostly directional to capture your voice clearly and mostly comes with a speech reorganization feature built-in, which is very important to you if you are playing gamines in a room full of people.

While using a USB headset, you can easily avoid using sound cards that are built into your PC as this headset comes with its own in build headset digital convert, which helps deliver excellent sound performance.

When discussing the cones of this USB headset, while there are not too many cons of using a USB headset other than that, they are a little bit expensive, then the Analog headset is available in the market.

here is a list of some best USB headsets for gaming.

 Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07RMC5BRL&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=saadmuneeb 20&language=en US |ir?t=saadmuneeb 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07RMC5BRL |

Driver                         50mm

Connectivity               wired

Sound type                Surround sound effect 7.1

Frequency response 12HZ-28KHZ

This razer Kraken X is the upgrades version of the razer Kraken pro V2. This headset is available in tournament edition as well as in standard edition, and the difference between both tournament edition and the standard edition is the in lie controller, and all other Specs in both headsets are the same.

When it comes to the design of this headset it does not differ way too much from its previous generation. It still features an aluminum frame providing a sturdy and lightweight design. But they have improved the thickness of the ear padding, and they still manage to maintain the size of the earcups, and if you have big ears, they will not have difficulty while wearing them for long gaming sessions.

The earcups come with memory foam and cooling gel to avoid any kind of ear heating problems. I forget to mention that they have also improved the padding on the head as now it sits much more comfortably over your head and will not face any issue using them with your glasses.

Razer Kraken comes with a 50mm driver size as, on the other hand, on the same price range, you will only get 40mm drivers. Razer has also included surround sound effects in this. Razer Kraken manages to provide you a decent quality of the base and if you are a base lover, you are really going to enjoy music and play games on this headset.   

This headset comes with cross-platform support like Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and for Pc as well. If you are looking for a budget-friendly USB headset, then I think this great headset value for money.

SteelSeries Arctic 5

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Driver                         40mm

Connectivity               wired

Sound type                Surround sound effect 7.1

Frequency response 20HZ-22KHZ

If you are an RGB lover, then I will say this headset is simply for you. This headset features premium build quality as it’s made up of plastic but still looks and feels very excellent in hands. This headset features subtle RGB, which I think can quickly fill your thrust for RGB lights.

This SteelSeries Arctic 5 feels very premium in hands as it is entirely made up of plastic, as they have done mate finishing on this headset which makes it more appealing to eyes.

The headband of this Artis SteelSeries 5 is 2 pieces designing the inner layer oif this headset is designed to fit your head size. And on average, I think you will not need to stretch the headband to adjust to your head size. It will do an excellent job to give support to your head. On the other hand, if you have big size head, then the plastic support band will do great work for you, along with the headphone.

And if we talk about the sound performance of this headphone as it comes with 40mm driver size headphone, it will provide a great gaming experience. It provides excellent bass along with a surround sound effect which helps in improving your gaming experience.

The base of these headphones is well-balanced. It comes without overpowering the frequency of these headphones as this headphone comes with a USB headset, so you don’t need to worry about the sound performance of this headset, whether it is providing you with the maximum amount of sound performance or not.

It comes with soft ears padding, which does not hurt your ears. Along with it, it is breathable, and your ears will not get warm while you are using these headphones for your long gaming sessions.

Final verdiuct

In our suggestions in USB headset vs analog headset, you should definitely purchase a USB headset as they provide you better port management and the benefit of an excellent sound experience as they bypass the system built-in digital to analog converter.

It uses an audio amplification system to enhance your listening experience. These USB headsets are more reliable in audio quality and microphone performance than traditional 3.5mm analog headsets.

If you are on a budget and can’t purchase a USB headset, you can easily find a good-sounding analog headset at the starting price of any USB headset.