Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Review: Beat the Sony’s ANC Headphone?

Anker Soundcore Q30
Anker Soundcore Q30 design

Whenever we listen to the name Anker, the first thing that comes to our mind is a charger manufacturing company, and that is it. But my friend, I suppose you might be wrong here for the last three years. Anker has manufactured some amazing quality truly wireless earbuds to amazingly sounding headphones, and where we are going to discuss Anker’s third generation of the Q series. Anker soundcore life Q30 is the successor of sound core life Q20, which has provided amazing success to Anker in the budget headphones segment. Still, this headphone has taken its name from budget headphone makers to a company that gives thought compaction to flagship headphones maker.

These headphones are very good for mixed usage as these headsets come with large earcups, which are quite good for passive noise cancellation, and their ANC is quite good for canceling out all kinds of normal noise out there, like noise coming out from the bus, trains, and plain engine. It is proving to be pretty good at canceling out these noises. But, please don’t make your exception too high as these headphones are in the budget segment of 80$. Soundcore Q30 also supports its app EQ allows you to adjust the sound according to your taste.

 Anker Soundcore Q30 design

Anker soundcore life Q30 took inspiration for its design from its previous generation soundcore life Q20, which is quite amazing in building quality and sound performance. But in this headphone, they have improved both sound and its build to the next level. When you feel this headset for the first time, you will notice that these headphones have quite amazing build quality, and you will notice that it is quite heavy.

These headphones come with large earcups, which is very good, and it also helps to cancel out all the Ambient noise out there. Still, it comes with thin earcups, which come out to become discernable for a long time of usage as tight-fitting of these earcups over you start to produce pressure over your skull, and you will start to feel you need to put them on the table for some time. With some negative aspects, positivity also provides you with a firm grip over your head. So, you can use it while you are running or doing any exercise, and you will not have any fear that it will accidentally slip over your head.

These headphones come with a rateable design. Anker has also put some strength into its hinges. Its rotatable design no longer feels any cheap or budget headphones come in attractive colors like black, and pink. Midnight blue, but my personal favorite is black as it is easily available and the other two colors are limited and sometimes there is also 10$ high than its normal price which I think is quite high.

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Soundcore Life Q30 ANC

Anker is improving its noise cancellation dramatically with every new generation. Does it mean we can compare this budget headphone ANC with some flagship series headphones like Sony? Absolutely “No” because it will be an injustice with life Q30. Our experts have checked this in our office, and they say it managed to cancel out almost 75-80 % of the noise out there without any issues.

As some of the noise is canceled out by its large earcups, which cover your ears quite well and help block unrequired noise without turning on ANC; amazingly, it comes with 40 hours plus battery time with ANC turned on. You can easily use it for many days without worrying about charging.

Soundcore Life Q30 ANC with case
Anker Soundcore Q30

 Soundcore Life Q30 Gaming

soundcore life comes with Bluetooth 5.0, but still, we were facing some lag in its audio while gaming. While testing the music, we didn’t face any lag in the audio delivery of these headphones as this headset comes with 3.5mm support. When we tried this cable while gaming, then amazingly, we didn’t see any audio lag in it.

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Soundcore Life Q30 Gaming headset with bluetooth 5.0
 Soundcore Life Q30 Gaming

Soundcore Life Q30 App control

This budget headphone comes with app control which comes with supports both Android and IOS. According to our experts, this was the best selling point of these headphones. But its previous model Soundcore Life Q20 didn’t support this feature, but they have added this feature in Life Q30, which provides amazing. Moreover, it comes with 22 presets of sound, which works very well with some presets, we feel like they didn’t feel any difference, but overall its performance was good for this price range.

Soundcore Life Q30 App control
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We consider Anker Soundcore Life Q30 as one of the best headphones for the budget segment of under 100$. They managed to give you headphones full of features they have tried their best not to avoid any single feature in these headphones.

Having provided premium build quality with Active noise cancellation, and built-in EQ with multiple presets, you can also customize them according to your taste in music. Its 40 hours of music playback time with quick charge technology provides you with 4 hours of music playback time in just 5 minutes of charging. Life Q30’s Lightweight design ensures that you will be having a comfortable long listening session of music.

With all of these features, we will strongly recommend you purchase these headphones without any kind of hesitation.


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